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Once you start working on something don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who works sincerely are the happiest..

We listen to high voice only of songs, not of anyone’s father..

No one defeat

No one can defeat a powerful mind.

What is the use of that Brahmin, who does not take the name of Parashuram.

Neither the eyes are bad nor the face is black, what would someone do to harm himself, he has an ax on his head.

When you say with folded hands, don’t make fun of the matter,
We had already said that we are pundits, don’t tease us..

As long as there is the last strand in the veins, the body will be occupied by the spirit, we are Pandit Ji, and this Pandito wala jajba will remain..

Proud to be brahmin now there is pride in being a Brahmin.

Lion’s ride and Pandit’s friend, lucky ones get luck..

Brahmins are the pride of this country..

Brahman Status & Quotes

Soul is temple

God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your God. The soul is your temple..

If Brahmin is hungry then Sudama, if Brahmin is considered then Chanakya, Brahmin is angry then Parashuram.

Those who are lucky enough to ride a lion and a pundit’s friend.

If we Brahmins are peaceful, then we are Shri Ram. If angry, it is Parashuram, who is furious..

The day the pundits will open the old history, eeing us even dumb people will say jai jai brahmins.

We are the sons of Lord Parashuram, we are the steel made by doing penance
We are cheetahs of Brahmin society, we live on our own strength…

On the one hand, the son of a Brahmin who fell from above would be proud, Har Har Mahadev.

Attitude Brahman Status

No need to look

No need to look for support, Pandit alone is equal to an army…

We are steel, not embers, we are the children of Parashuram,
We are cheetahs of Brahmin lineage, who live on their own liver.

Pandit is bad or the world is bad, the decision could not be made, the fucking Pandit has become everyone’s, but no one could be the Pandit…

Pandit’s friend who does the whole world, the one who rides a lion belongs to Mahakal, that fanatical priest..

Don’t show attitude, stop this guy, you should stop your business,
Whoever collides with the pandit will be devastated..!!

Do not show Attitude son, you will get burnt, If he collides with the pandit, he will be beaten up till the house.

Don’t be afraid of Pandit, you are afraid of time. So Pandit only from Mahakal…

This voice is not the roar of a Brahmin,
If you stand alone in front, then there are mountains.

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ब्राह्मण स्टेटस 2022

Man is great

A man is great by deeds, not by birth.

Any brahmin, whether he is in any corner of the world, is like my own relative.

If it burns, let it burn, it is not my job to extinguish it.
If I do not burn it to ashes, then Brahmin is not my name.

Seeing the pride and loyalty of the pundits, the girls also say, neither pain nor pain is needed, we need a friend like a pandit..

Ford, Bullet and Rifle, the pride of a Brahmin, Iron, Bargi, Yari, the real life is of Brahmin..

We are steel, not embers, we are the children of Parashuram,
We are cheetahs of Brahmin lineage, who live on their own liver..

I will sing the songs of Mahadev in my tune, I have come as a Brahmin,
I will come again to become a Brahmin…

What bad will anyone do to us, sir, we leave the house with mother’s prayer and Bapu’s pistol.

ब्राह्मण परशुराम शायरी

Money comes goes

Money 💰 comes and goes. So is the youth. Life goes and goes the soul, nothing lasts forever the only thing that stays firm is your faith.

Brahmins let them be as they are
If we are spoiled, then the same
There will be style and there will be rule everywhere.

The sons of lions are known as lions.
Only Brahmins are recognized among millions.

Do not dare to test the Pandit, history is a witness, Pandit has already turned his back on many storms.

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