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Hello, I wish to all my friends Happy Republic Day 2022 Wishes, Quotes, Messages & WhatsApp Staus.This Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January every time in India. On this day the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. People each and every one in the the country celebrate this day, and the most awaited event is the Independence Day and Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in New Delhi. On this significant day, we’re furnishing some citations, wishes, messages, etc. Let’s spread the message which the tricolor gives. Let’s spread peace, humanity and prosperity among the people..

Happy Republic Day To All

H⃨a⃨p⃨p⃨y⃨ R⃨e⃨p⃨u⃨b⃨l⃨i⃨c⃨ D⃨a⃨y⃨

We are Indians 1

First and foremost, we are Indians. Whenever we choose live and dream may we always be free. Happy Republic Day…

Remember the heroes’ sacrifices. It was they who paid the ultimate price. As a tribute to this glorious day, Greetings on Republic Day 2022.

India is a beautiful country. I greet all Indians belonging to any caste and creed. Let us join hands on its progress. Happy republic day to all

Peace reigns

Hope peace reigns in your part of the world today and every day..

Be the change that you wish to see the world

Unity in diversity is our pride, that’s why my India is great.
Happy Republic Day

Let’s honor those who have made us proud and celebrate the spirit of a free nation. Happy Republic Day

First and foremost, we are Indians. We are lucky. Happy Republic Day.

Be the strength

Get together, be the strength of the nation and help it reach greatest heights. Best wishes on this Republic Day.

Independence is always a wonderful gift from god. May this wonderful nation remain independent forever.

Take pride that you live in a country that has such a diverse glorious history and rich heritage.

To be proud that you

Be proud that you are an Indian because lucky are those who are born in this great country. Happy Republic Day 2022!

Our National flag shows our lands color.

In our minds, in our hearts, and in our souls, we find freedom, Faith and memories. On this Republic Day, let us salute our nation.

Republic Day Quotes In English

We are Indians

By the sacrifice of patriots,
We have become independent, if someone asks who we are, then we will proudly say we are Indians..

On this special day ( 26 January ) lets promise our motherland that we will do everything to enrich and preserve our heritage
our ethos and our treasure.

Language is different, religion, caste and province, but we all have one
Pride National Flag Tricolor is Best.

Some celebrity, some fun, some dies on desire, some hate, some love dies on attachment, this is the country of those lovers every man would die on his Hindustan..

Let us make a promise that we would not let the hard sacrifices of our brave freedom fighters go in vain. We would word hard to make our country the best in the world..

My country mine this country is of progress of peace Love..

Republic Day Quotes 2022

Our freedom

Our freedom was taken away from us, but because of the valiant struggles of our freedom fighters we got it back. Always cherish your independence.

East and West, India is the best, proud to be an Indian. Happy Republic Day 2022

Will never let the zeal of freedom diminish, whenever it is needed, we will lay down our lives for the country.
Because India is our country, now we will not let any heat come on it again !!

May we all come together to make our nation a brighter and a happier country…

May the celebrations of Republic Day fill each one of our hearts and souls with love for India.

Give us such a beautiful life
sacrificed many people fashion blinds us
in youthful youth
What will we understand if we get the gift of this freedom?
We have never endured the pain of slavery!

If you want to swim, then you are in the sea, what is kept in the river drains.
If you want to love then do it from the country, What is there in unfaithful people?

Republic Day Wishes

Remember the soldiers

Let’s arisen the young souls within & remember the soliders who scarified their lives to protect our nation..

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of it’s people..

This is the tricolor, pride is the tricolor,
My life is tricolor..

My shoe is Japanese; The trousers are English tani, the red cap on the head is Russian yet the heart is Hindustani.

May you have joy to make you sweet, strife to make you strong, sadness to keep you human and hope to bring joy to our nation.

Neither the government is mine nor the power is mine. Not a big name is mine, I am proud of a small thing. I belong to “Hindustan” and “Hindustan” is mine..

Republic Day Thoughts In Hindi and English
Supreme sacrifices

Never forget the supreme sacrifices of soliders who died for the welfare of the nation..

The three colors in Indian flag give message to the countrymen to be more human, to be more harmonious and to be more prosperous…

Happy Republic Day 2021! On this day, let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

Great nation of ours

A thousand salutes to this great nation of ours. May it become even more prosperous and great. Happy Republic Day.

You are the identity of India,
You are the life of Jammu,
You wish for the border,
You are the heart of Delhi,
And you are the name of India

Where every day is a celebration,
There is a demand in every heart,
With such a bright future,
My country always moves forward.

Indian Republic Day Caption
Take a moment

Take a moment to breathe in and imbibe, Our constitutional heritage, Our democratic pride, our national unity.

Every teacher should teach their students to love our nation, and every parent should instill in their children the beauty of our nation. Happy Republic Day 2022.

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