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Best Mother Motivation.

Even if MOTHER is not educated,
But the most important things in the world Mother teaches us

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

No struggle no trouble
so what's the fun in living
big storms stop
when there is a fire in the chest.

We all have problems; the way we solve them is what makes us different.

Those who want to get the Majinlo,
They even build bridges of stones over the oceans..

Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try.

If you haven't prepared yourself in advanced,
So keep repairing yourself for the rest of your life..

Best Dream Motivational Status.

Dream it
Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

Stop Trying To Fit In, When You Were Born To Stand Out.

Awakened your memories otherwise
We used to sleep till late.

Everything is okay in the end "Like A Movie", if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

Even after millions of stumbles, I will keep on handling,
I'll fall and get up again..

Even though my pain may be the reason for someone's laugh,
But my laughter can't be the reason for someone's pain.

Who has the ability to walk alone,
Finally the convoy follows them.

Wake Up With Determination, Go To Bed With Satisfaction.

No one grows with a limited mind set,
no one can stand with a broken heart.

Luck and morning
Luck and morning sleep - never opens on time.

man is man be that man first
Like the man you want to meet

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Water into ice,
It takes time to change,
to the setting sun,
It takes time to leave..

Once you learn to be happy alone you won’t tolerate anyone who can’t make you just as Happy..

It's a long way to get happiness,
If you stay in Garur, you will not even be able to see the way.

If The Plan Doesn’T Work, Change The Plan But Never The Goal.

You will not get better Tomorrow,if you are thinking about the yesterday.

Life Motivational Status

Life is always up and down, so why are you worried when you are at the bottom; the next place is up.

Boats do not cross fearing the waves,
Those who try don't give up..

People's life changes when they work hard,
Otherwise people's life ends, blaming the fate..

I will keep
I will keep walking on the path, I will become expert in walking, either I will get my destination or I will become a good traveler.

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