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Hlo in this article we are share a best motivation and inspirational exam status in english for whatsapp and instagram also. we are collecting this Exam Status in English is a great way of wishing your close friends and classmates achieving success in their exams before and after it. Motivational exam status english, Exam status for whatsapp instagram, exam quotes in english, Exam time status in english, this exam status in english are the most widely used craze on multiple social media platforms especially on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Exam Quotes English

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. it is the courage to continue that counts.

I wish I could fit a memory card into my brain for exams.

Motivational exam status english

Don’t stress, Do your best, Forget the rest All the best.

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.

I am in a relationship with studies and it’s complicated.

Everything was going perfect, then the exam comes.

May God help you through your exams. I bless you with great marks Good Luck.

Can’t remember when was the last time I saw the book and you talk about passing.

If you are given a take home exam, you will forget where you live.

The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance.

Knowledge is a beautiful thing that can fill us with happiness. Let’s just think about our students who answered brilliantly to questions on various exams.

Reading and writing will go on and on doing so, no one will say anything..

Inspirational exam status in english

I am not failed. My success is just postponed..

I don’t like exams. I don’t like giving exams, and I don’t like meetings.

Those who do not study are only cattle dressed up in men’s clothes.

Brother play cricket, watch Anushka Sharma will get this education, you will get black slugs only!

We exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams.

Exam please be nice to me or else you will be cut off.

Happiness is having finished all of your exams.

The tension is all over the world to me, but it seems a bit strange in mathematics.

What is the main reason for failure?. I think its EXAMS. What do you think?

A bastard and cute little one for the exam to all my dog and bastard friends. All the best!

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win, but in the end its all same to me.

Best exam status images In English

Don’t need a calculator, my brain is enough.

I wish studying for an exam was as easy as remembering lyrics. I`d pass every exam..

I have made a promise to myself, I will write the exam paper with full mood.

My one hand is enough to fight against the exam papers. If u hold the other one.

Renunciation of reading, writing, keeping hope from copying, sleeping on the quilt, son, the lord will Pass.

No exam in the world can test you because you are too cool for it.

Don’t rely on getting easy questions. Practice for the hard ones.

Science does not know its debt to imagination.

Examinations are the only way to know something at least for a few days.

The goal of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind..

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Remembered from the exam, my hard work of last year was excellent, even today I am remembering those moments.

Exam time status in english

Exam is no tension, no study, no mood.

I’m the type of person who wants to get good grades but doesn’t want to study.

Remembering all the best, mom had said that while giving exam paper, do not pay attention to girls at all!

Good luck passing the exam and my deepest early condolences if you don’t.
no chatting, study only.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Day has gone and night has gone, that exam thing has gone.

Question: Name the nation we all hate? Answer: Examination!

Every person be is a nobody before becoming somebody.

During the last 5 minutes of examination, every student gets a supernatural power.

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future…

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.

If you need an example of how to live you should not have been born.

Don’t spend all night studying, because you will sleep through exam.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

Exam status for WhatsApp instagram

All studies are remembered every time but forget in exam time.

Let’s play a game tomorrow Question Paper vs Student in Exam Hall.

The night before an exam is like a night before Christmas. You can’t sleep and yet hope for a miracle too.

Get one bad grade, Drops your GPA like the freaking Economy.

Never let success get to your head, never let failure get to your heart..

Students cheat in the exam because of our education system values grades more than our learning.

Exam khatam status in english

The only people who never fail are those who never try.

I know I am something because God doesn’t create garbage.

Exams coming tension coming, exams finished tension finished.

Exam: My Study period = 15 minutes! My break time = 3 hours! This is my time schedule…

Success in exam…? It all depends on the second letter.

Exams test your memory, life tests your learning, others will test your patience.

exam quotes in english

Self trust is the first secret of success.

If a teacher cannot read all the many subjects, how can we as a student read all the subjects? We want justice.

Dear Google, why don’t you sit next to me through my exam?

Keep calm and destroy final exams.

Bro, no tension – do your best, leave the rest!

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