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💔 Heart Broken Status 💔

• Every friend is not a friend, every friend is not loyal, it is a matter of heart, otherwise even after seven rounds, there is no love!

• Relationships of love are also very delicate, they break even when the numbers come busy at night.

I remember you

• When it rains in these 😭 eyes, I remember you..

• If it’s not a happy ending then it’s not the ending at all.

• I am surprised that he himself did not remember the scale of his patience and I did not stop waiting.

A• fter all, why do we settle in the heart without permission, those people whom we can never get in life.

• Heartbreakers break your heart slowly, not at once you turn away.

• Who remembers the companions of the past, people forget even the name in two days..

• I don’t know from which college I had taken the degree of love, that all the promises made to me turned out to be fake.

• Are you listening, you are crying, if I ever get some time, then I must think why a careless person used to care about you.

• There is a way to enter the heart, but there is no way to go, so when someone leaves the heart, he breaks his heart.

Heart broken Status in English

True love can

• True love can only be done by those who have longed to get someone’s 💓 love…

• Silence says a lot, listen with your ear, not your heart.

• Was sitting with me but was close to someone else, it was someone else’s luck to look like his own.

• Take a moment, for me too, the heart remains very sad when you do not talk.

• There is also a time to accept prayers, but I am surprised that at what time I did not ask for it.

• If he robs me this time, he robbed me completely. No one can hear the voice, but the heart is completely broken.

• How can I hide my pain, my heart is guarded on it, the relationship between pain and my life is very deep.

• You will go away one day leaving you on your condition, what is the value of love, only time will teach you.

• Those who love neither live nor die, I pass through thorns in the desire of flowers.

Heart Broken Status for girls

Pleasure of love

• Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.

• Don’t know how many dreams are buried in this heart, how will you bury a graveyard in a grave.

• I am looking for a soul that loves me with all my heart, otherwise people can get by even with pesos.

• Fake relationships, I did not form with anyone, searched for many true ones, but did not find them anywhere.

• I was never in his life but I was his whole life.

• If we had also believed the words of others, then today’s poetry would not have been against those whom we loved very much.

• Don’t ask by hurting, if you feel pain, then it hurts, what is a little more?

• Life is drowning in the burden of sorrows in such a way that every wish of mine is getting broken.

• How hard is it to say goodbye to the person who gave us so many memories.

• It was a crime to come near you, now going away would be another crime.

Heart Broken Status in Hindi English

Never realised

• I never realised how much our relationship is like glass, until it broke…

• Can’t tell how much pain is there, how many wounds are there, can’t show it, if you can understand with eyes, then understand how many tears have fallen, can’t count!

• The reality of life is such that a person becomes a memory in a moment.

• What news did you have about how your memories harassed you, sometimes you laughed alone and sometimes made you cry in gatherings.

• We keep every secret in our heart, we keep a smile on our lips, we only support this world in happiness, that’s why we keep our tears hidden.

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• Don’t know what was the fate of the dead body, but the footprints of the murderer were very beautiful!

• I have explained myself with great difficulty by showing my eyes the greed of your dreams.

• Don’t ignore someone so much that he learns to live without you!

Love is like a bangle worn in the hands, it rings and changes and eventually breaks.

Heart broken Status in English for girlfriend
Falling star

• The falling star fulfills everyone’s prayers, because it feels the pain of breaking.

• The heart will break, but broken live on.

• The world kept playing with us like a pack of cards. Whoever won, he also threw the one who lost.

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