Best [50+] Mood off status In English – (मूड ऑफ स्टेटस)

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😒 Mood Off Status 😕

What will he do but the reliefs of the times, who likes to cry in your memory..!!

Somewhere lost among these clouds, I have heard that my moon has become someone else’s.

This life Will end

I do not know when this life will end, I do not feel like living now.

I will mortgage my life, you just tell the price to smile! We were made to be destroyed Your love was an excuse..!!

For those for whom we have done everything, for those we are nothing.

Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.

Have done a lot of fault in life,
But the punishment was found where we were innocent..

Makes me laugh whenever my mood is off don’t know how she understands my condition without speaking.

Every day you break my heart,
Sometimes even give time to connect it…

Now the limit is being reached, punishment is being given without any mistake.

How did it become bad, sir?
If I write pain, I do not give it to anyone..!

Love and faith are two such birds, if one flies, the other also flies.

Mood Off Status For Girls

What is use of crying

What is the use of crying when there is no one to persuade you..

If possible come and see sometime,
There is a lot that hasn’t changed yet..

The person who could not understand your importance, what would he understand about your words and feelings?

How can we blame the people when we are our own traitors?

What was missing in me that you left me, I didn’t know how to do Wafa or I was poor..

You only come in happiness, stay away now I am a little worried…

Life is full, what to do on yourself, death does not come…

The heart wants to get angry like a child sometimes, then I wonder who will celebrate?

There are many blisters in his feet, he must have walked on fucking principles!

He has left me in such a way that I am neither of anyone else nor his..

I walk around with a dagger in my hand, I have to kill luck.

Mood Off Status Whatsapp

Don't know what today

Don’t know why today I feel like losing myself, don’t ask, just today I feel like crying openly…

Tell me, how does his funeral come out?
Those people who die from inside…

I broke the chain bound by promises,
I will sleep soon from now on, I have given up on love.!!

I am happy because of your infidelity, you will be sad on the day someone leaves your side.

Treating him as luck, he had applied it to the chest, Forgot that changing luck doesn’t take long.

Thinking of it as luck, it was applied to the chest, had forgotten that it does not take long to change the fate.

Sleep used to come in childhood,
Now I just sleep tired.

Talking with you it changes my bad mood, My mood swings it doesn’t mean I am angry.

My mood is very much off because of his/her behavior. If your mood is off. You need adventure.

I am getting away from myself, you are still non-existent!

I am serving my life sentence in that city. where feelings are not valued..!!

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Pain of breaking that

Only broken people know
What is the pain of breaking that..

Never force your mood on someone else, I’m always where the sun doesn’t shine positive talks make my mood better.

I will never leave you, there was something like this, his promise

If you want to maintain the relationship, then keep building bridges of false praise. And tell the truth to finish!

Good talks always put us in a good mood. Congratulations Now I hate you.

The murderer has come up with a unique way of turning back,
Everyone asks who has killed him..

There is no one to help, no one is my own, today Mood Off is mine, because it is a broken dream.!

Don’t take my loneliness as my hobby, man A very loving gift has been given by a loved one..

Whenever my mood is off
It happens, I have only one answer to every question, I don’t know.

Mood Off Status Love

Mood full off

Mood full off! Do not disturb me.
Never force your mood on someone else. Mood off! Because somebody hurt me.

How much more pain will it give, just tell me, do this may God erase my personality…

I know this is never possible, yet I wish that you would remember.

Death is better than suffocating you,
I will never wake up, put me to sleep like this…

Had to talk, can talk, which two hands should be with pain, we call you stars if there is no moon then who should do the night.

Sometimes, it is better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.

Ever come and see in my heart that,
How happy is my house broken..!!

Believed that both happiness and sorrow keep coming in life, but God swear that only sorrows keep coming in our life.

Mood off Status in one Line

To love or not

To love or not to love, depends on my mood.

She was brave and strong and broken all at once. Sometimes, it is better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.

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