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Hi friends if you are feeling sad and alone we provide here the best heart touching sad whatsapp status for you. who are fail in love breakup love so don’t fear this status is very intresting and very useful. feeling sad emotional status, whatsapp status sad wale, very sad love status, sad romantic status, attitude status love sad, upset status in hindi.. To share this sad whatsapp status to your friends and family members. have a good day…

😞 Sad WhatsApp Status 😒

There is a special kind of pain that comes along with loving a person more than they love you.

sad whatsapp status
Sad WhatsApp Status

Learn to enjoy being alone, because no one will be with you forever.

This is often the custom of Ulfath, whoever wants to stay away from himself, the heart breaks and shatters like a glass toy.

They had already intended to part, they just needed some excuse from my side.

The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow.

I have heard that the meaning is very heavy, it means that every relationship lighteness after leaving.

I hate it when i can stop thinking about that one person.

Never make a habit of talking to someone, because when they stop talking, life becomes difficult.

Of course, take advantage of every opportunity in life, but don’t take advantage of someone’s trust.

We had also loved someone, had waited with flowers in our hands, it was our fault, not theirs, because they didn’t, we had loved them..

What’s the use of your crying now?
Now he is dead who used to die on you.

Whatsapp Status Sad Wale

stay strong

Stay strong and don’t let your emotions consume you.

What is the medicine, what is the prayer in such an environment where you have asked yourself what has happened.

Learn to enjoy life, time will keep enjoying you.

Those who have to go, they go, they do not care about someone’s cry.

If you changed then there were compulsions, If we changed then we became unfaithful…

I don’t know what I do wrong but it seems like I am always the second choice for everybody.

If you do not meet, it is a matter of matter, you get a lot of peace by thinking about yourself..

One thing in life is never deleted, and that is someone’s memory.

You treated me like a Chapter, but for me you were my book.

You still make me smile even if you are the main reason why i am sad.

Very Sad Love Status

relationship end

Relationships end slowly, it is only discovered suddenly.

When love happened, it felt like some good karma has an effect, but it was not known that punishment for sins is like this.

You have come to the point of non – fiction, my heart has got angry in your heart!

Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.

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Nowadays love has become that game, which is played with people’s feelings all the time.

Tell your displeasure to death finish it, a lot has changed for whom we live.

Neither someone’s heart nor anyone’s life is needed, only that person can understand the condition of the heart.

After doing the promise was reneged, after all you also got down from your heart.

Don’t think you can come running back to me when people begin treating you the same way you treat other people.

I also wanted a person whom I cannot forget, and I am not in luck to get it.

hurt status in hindi

open sad door

Do not open the sad doors of my heart, the noise of pain will not let me live in peace.

Sometimes it feels so good to just sit by yourself, relax and not talk to anyone.

If tears come, wipe yourself because if people come to ask, they will sleep.

Sometimes you need to stand alone to find out who you really are.

You were special, that’s why you fought, if you were different, you would have let go by smiling.

The worst feeling is when something is killing you inside and you have to act like you don’t care.

The fire started in the heart when they were angry, felt that when they parted, they could not give anything in favor, but they gave a lot when they were unfaithful.

Fulfill the hobby of being angry, you think you do not like us alive.

After all why does love happen to those who can’t get it even if they want to.

Upset Status | FB Sad Status
can't change past

You can’t change your past, but you can make your future better.

I want to be superman so that I can fly to my wife’s office during lunch breaks to see her. I miss you.

Some people have forgotten like this
believe me I can’t believe it.

This is the time, the more you care, the more careless you will get.

I am lucky to have these words written by me. whose eyes will read for some time.

Not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they think you are.

I don’t regret my past. i just regret the time i have wasted with the wrong people..

These lovers tell themselves to be true today, sometimes look at us sir, we smile even after breaking.

Pyar Sad Status
she met again

She met again today as a stranger and we fell in love again today.

You were you are you will be you,
Love you like this!

Although, the looks of the faces are not wrong, but people are not what they seem.

No one will tell how much a person has to want that he does not want any other person.

You can move forward by losing one person, but that incompleteness cannot be filled even by thousands of people.

The only thing worse than being lonely is having someone who makes you feel lonely.

When that moment has passed, but there are some memories which do not let me live, and there are some such incidents which do not let me laugh.

Very Sad WhatsApp Status
billions feeling

A billion feelings, a thousand thoughts, hundreds of memories, all for that one person.

It’s hard to smile and be happy when you are not with me. Know that I’m missing you so much.

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